Motivators – Blogs & Leaders

Hello readers,

Welcome to the page, where I share people/knowledge or anything else that motivates me. I hope that you will find these resources useful and implement some of the ideas in your daily life to achieve time and financial freedom.

Blogs that motivate me:

The following blogs inspire me. They are created by normal people, like you and me, due to various reasons. At the end, what they achieved was the financial freedom in today’s world.

Of course, it is not an easy or overnight journey. It takes time, patience and consistent effort to make it to even 50% of these writers. I personally will be happy if I achieve even 25% of what they have 🙂 !!

Purpose of sharing these :

  • All of the following make me think, assess the status quo and question my actions.
  • We have one life, and I want to use it to live on my terms, financially and time wise.

Blogs names :

Leaders who inspire me:

  • How Sara Blakely built Spanx without any advertising :
    • In the world of in your face advertising by big apparel brands, this is nothing short of a miracle.
    • Takeaway : you do not follow the crowd to succeed in life. (you do not need to follow “TV pundits or Investment gurus or Whatsapp groups” for stock ideas!!!).

I will be adding more of such inspiring resources in the future, as and when I come across them.

Added 21/03/2018 : 


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