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Apple’s cash balance of $285,000,000,000 : Read here

Warren Buffet’s quotes for these times : Read here

How car salesman sell to you : Read here

Puppy dog sale method : Read here

Psychology and sales : Read here

Additional 1% is ~Rs 11,000,00,00,000 (Rs 11,000 crores) : Read here

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Added on 24/03/2018 : 



College money flowing into Bitcoin investments : Click here

Harvard’s review of Apple’s pact with health care systems : Click here

Harvard’s on why financial statements do not work for digital companies : Click here

Stanford on how workplace is killing people : Click here

Added on 13/03/2018 :

John Oliver : Investing in crypto-currency is gambling : Read here

Harvard : What can retail teach future Health care : Read here

Top 20 B-school with highest earning graduates : Read here

Ikea India gets a new leader : Read here

Added on 09/03/2018 :

India’s digital gaming industry growing to $1,000,000,000 by Forbes : Read here

Toys “R” Us going out of business… by next week : Read here

Bloomberg’s view on India’s growth : Read here

Aswath Damodaran : start of India’s decade similar to China’s : Read here

Added on 05/03/2018 : 

Is GAIL an investment stock : Read here

Japanese giant to enter Indian housing market : Read here

Rs 90,000,00,00,000 of written off debts held by SBI : Read here



Added on 20/2/2018 :

Harry Potter series author JK Rowling’s rags to riches story : Read here

Inspiration for Red Bull energy drink : Read here


Added on 25/02/2018 :

Harvard article on why Global firms should keep investing in India : Read here

4 personal finance rules to know by heart : Read here


Added on 27/02/2018 :

This is how Hedge funds battle it out… might remind you of “Suits” : Read here

Did you know that the EPF rate is at 5 year low? : Read here

Wharton’s view on 2018 India budget : Read here

A new class of Indian stock market investors : Read here


Added on 01/03/2018 : 

Top 10 MF managers making maximum returns for investors : Read here

What to do as a teenager to have financial freedom : Read here

Xiaomi to disrupt the Indian TV market : Read here

Added on 02/03/2018 :

$7,000,000,000 wipeout : Read here

James Syme is bullish on India and his fund ovesees $40,000,000,000 : Read here

Harley Davidson looking for electric bikes : Read here






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