Research resources – websites

Websites for financial research :

Following are the websites that I usually use to research the financials for any stock investment that I make :

> : My go to website for any financial information that I am looking for. I like the website for the ease of navigation, exhaustive data on almost all the Indian companies that you can think of and clean menus. I particularly go for the following options :

  • Annual profit and loss : I always opt for the consolidated P&L. This provides me the comprehensive perspective of the whole group and its financial performance.
  • Cashflow statements : this is another treasure trove to go deeper into the company’s financial performance.
  • Balance sheet: provides a clean overview of the company’s assets and liabilities.


Bonus :

  • Quarterly financials : if the financials are really intriguing, or I need a bit more conviction on my final decision, then I go deeper into the quarterly financials of the company. This allows me to assess the company for the current financial year (depending on the quarters lapsed for the year),


  • 9 month financials : only in very rare occasions, will I go and look into the 9 month financials for the company. This is important for me, as the company I am usually researching for is unknown. I need to be totally convinced about the investment decision that I am about to make.

This website has been my source of all the financial information for the companies when I am planning to make an investment. The only thing they can probably improve on is incorporating the latest financials results at the end of every quarter/year.

Some of  my investments using the above process and resources are listed below:

PI Industries

Alembic Pharma

Alkem Labs


Morepen Labs


> Valueresearch online : This is my go to website for the mutual fund investment decisions that I make. I always make sure to track the mutual fund returns for at least 3-5 years. I follow the process below for this :

  • Funds : Under this option, I select the following :
    • Open ended funds,
    • Time horizon of 3-5 years,
    • Equity based funds (my preference),

This provides me a baseline of the returns that I compare the other funds against. Since I am more interested in investing in theme-based funds (pharma, financials or agricultural), this baseline serves as a useful benchmark.

  • Portfolio : Once I have shortlisted the funds, I look for the following before making a final investment decision in the mutual funds :
    • Fund’s total corpus size,
    • Fund returns v/s the stock exchange returns
    • Portfolio – what are the companies that the fund is invested in. Will I be comfortable if I was to invest in those companies?

This website is the one I have been using for the last 10 years, All of my mutual fund investments are made following the above process.

For me, these are the websites which provide all the information that I need to make an equity or a mutual fund decision. As I state in my answers on Quora (Gaurav Kapoor, I follows these rules while investing :


  • KISS: keep it short and simple (Read this book to know how a decision made in 1 hour is equally good, if not better, than a decision made in 24 hours).


I have other tasks in the day that I like to accomplish. So, I need to be efficient and convinced about the investment decision that I make.

Note : Though I have provided the hyper link for the above websites, I get no money or rewards if you visit these websites. As mentioned on my Quora (Gaurav Kapoor) replies, I do not make money off the visitors to my blog.

Research resources - Websites Stocks


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