Online resources for miscellaneous trends

These are my go to resources for a research on the external factors which impact the industry, sector or a company.

  • FICCI : the think tank of Indian industry and government alike. This organisation has tons of free publications on the future trends which are important today. You can check the following link:

FICCI Studies : on topics ranging from agriculture to medical to blockchain.

Blockchain for better cities : THE topic these days.

FICCI Surveys across topics : interesting reading material to understand the India and the Indian economy as a whole.


  • IHS : Information Handling Services (IHS) is a leading global think tank based out of UK. It is a leading provider of research and though provoking articles on the industries, trends and economies of the world.

Agricultural related research,

Automotive related research,

Chemicals related research,

Healthcare industry research.


  • IMRB : One of the leading research firms, with a focus on the globe. They have the following resources that I use to understand the world in a bit better way :

 IMRB Knowledge Center : wealth of articles available for free reading,


Other resources based on my keyword search on Google:


  • Future market insights : article on future trends and analysis of what impact they are having is available here : Articles


I will be adding more resources in near future!!


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