Online resources for Industry research

Industry research

Online resources that I use to research before a stock investments:

I use the following websites to find the latest research on industries. These are written with a focus on industry and hence, are not biased towards a certain company. I give due consideration to the agency publishing these articles.


  • International Monetary Fund (IMF) : Their publication section has interesting research on the global economy. Of course their focus is on global financial stability. At the same time they print out papers and publications ranging from business and economics to taxation, politics and agricultural sectors. They also have an e-library where you can literally find all research topics that you can think of.

Publications Link : IMF Publications

India report links : India specific =

Note : there is a subscription fee for the library access.

  • World Economic Forum (WEF) : World Economic Forum is the most glamorous of the organisations that I follow. They are most known for their WEF Summit in Switzerland, where all the global business and political leaders arrive. I like this organisation for the pioneering work that they do in research. They partner with industry leaders in different fields to research and print reports or white papers on the topics. Most of their reports and research helps me to focus on industries which will be the drivers of growth in the future.

Reports link : Report Link

White papers link : White papers link

  • World Bank: Is the leading providers of funds for global development. This means that they have a bird’s eye view of all the global developments and hence, access to tons of data. Fortunately for us, the organisation provide access to some parts of its data on countries and industry topics. You can use the following links to find appropriate data :

India specific data : India specific data

Data bank from WB : Data from World Bank (Data can also be downloaded in XLS)

Microdata : Micro data (more useful for India specific research)

Micro data is of special interests since it is compiled with a survey of the businesses community where the topics require it.

2015 India country survey data : 2015 India survey report

  • United Nations (UN): The most famous of the international organisations. They have a publication section, with a more humane perspective on the reports that they publish. The reports are more philanthropic, but reading them might offer you a perspective on which industry to focus on.

Agriculture Publications link : Agriculture sector publications

  • Reserve Bank of India (RBI) : The central bank of India provides a lot of useful stats. These stats are available on their website, and can be used to identify as to which sectors are gaining prominence and hence will become the important future sectors.

Database on Indian economy : Indian economy indicators

Statistics data : Wide range of data

All of the above sources are super data intense and informative. Going through their resources usually gives me a perspective on how and which industry to focus on. I hope you also find use of this data to make more informed, successful and profitable investment decisions.

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